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Who am I?
I'm Natascha, 39 years old, owner of Vmarkt. I have been involved with veganism for six years and since two years I have been running the Vmarkt webshop successfully.
Here I sell the tastiest vegan products. I also organize tastings and  cooking workshops that are always completely sold out.
The demand for more products and more information about vegan food and life is high.
It makes me very happy that I can facilitate this with Vmarkt. To do this even better, I want to open a physical store.


Photos by Wheaty, Blackbirds & Cakes and De Allergy Free Vega(n)!


What am I doing?
In the two years that I have been running Vmarkt, I have already achieved good results. There is a group of loyal customers and the turnover is growing. In 2018 I was nominated for the Vegan Awards in the 'best (web) shop' category and selected for the ASN World Bank prize. I was also named V! From 400 women in the catering company "World Improver"

This is what the past years looked like:
Start of Vmarkt (15 April 2017)

Vegan Awards nomination best web store
ASN World Bank Award nomination
Named V!va400 woman


A huge honor to be among 400 women who all contribute to society in their own way.

Quote Viva:
"The VIVA400 woman is ambitious and entrepreneurial. She inspires who she is, what she does and what she achieves within a team, as an entrepreneur and / or for society. With her innovative thinking and working methods, she has a clear goal for Last year she won a prize, started a successful business of her own or put down a noteworthy performance with which she made a difference. That is why she deserves a place in the list of lists: the VIVA400. "ea

2019 I would like to take the next step together with you
It is now time to really do full justice to Vmarkt, and together we can make this possible! I already have a building of 250m2 in mind and only with your help and investment can we actually open the largest vegan supermarket in Utrecht.

Vmarkt: vegan mecca
The largest vegan supermarket in the Netherlands will be located on the edge of the center of Utrecht. With around 2,500 products, so you always have a huge selection. The biggest brands such as Violife, Daiya, Wheaty, bedda, Simply V and many others are for sale here.

We also work together with other Dutch vegan companies to bring tasty products to Utrecht and to distribute them throughout the Netherlands. Think of: Plant Based Cheese Amsterdam, Vegan Caes, Vegan Flore, Miss Bean and various pastry shops such as Healthy Desserts Studio.
Vmarkt can grow and improve further with this crowdfunding.

From webshop to store:

  • From 1,000 to 2,500 products
  • (Artisinale) vegetable cheese department (after the example of La Fauxmagerie)
  • Vegan "butcher shop" department. (as with Bristol Farms)
  • Product demos in the store. (taste good!)
  • Expansion of workshops and lectures.
  • Cooperation with other start ups. New companies introduce you to the newest of the newest in the vegan field. (Miss Bean, Vegan Caes, Plant Based Cheese Amsterdam and many others)
  • Homemade meals to take with you or to eat on site at BASED
  • BASED: the lunchroom section with healthy & guilty plant-based pleasures. Think of donuts, waffles, ice cream coupes but also quinoa bowls, power shakes, super soups, based burgers, holy hot dogs and more.
  • The store becomes a nice place where you come into contact with other people who are vegan or at least look critically at the consumption of animal products. As is already happening during the tastings. We will expand that further.

    Improved webshop:
  • Faster delivery
  • Better inventory management. (less often misunderstandings and more alternatives)
  • More ease of use (social login, improved design, wishlist)
  • More recipes
  • More products


At the store there is also a lunchroom: BASED. Guilty & healthy plantbased pleasures are served here. Think of tompoucing, donuts, based burgers, holy hot dogs, bagelt salm, jolly jackfruit baguette and many more goodies.

Logo of BASED the lunchroom that comes in Vmarkt. The place for vegan sweets, sandwiches, soups, snacks. You can enjoy breakfast, brunch and lunch here.

I am eager to build this business for you and to be able to offer all those delicious treats!

What is needed for this?
A great group of people who support this plan financially. A total of at least 90,000 thousand euros is needed.

This is spent on:

  • Deposit rent
  • Home improvement
  • Stock

Founding Family Crowdfunding
You can participate in this crowdfunding and participate in the founding family.
This is possible in two ways: by pre-sale or by borrowing an amount.

You are part of the family and you support Vmarkt.

1. Presale

You can buy shopping credit at Vmarkt. You do not have to spend this amount in one go, but it has an unlimited shelf life.
You can spend from 50 to 500 euros in advance. Once the store is open, you can go completely go wild and choose from all the goodies.

Join the Founding Family. Godfather, Big Sister, Nephew. ..... Whatever you choose, we are happy with you! All of us together are one Founding Family. If you participate in a loan, your name will be put in the Founding Family Tree,

2. Loan

You too are now part of the Founding Family. You are even part of the "close family". This has even more extra benefits such as:
 Invitation to the opening party
The first year 10 extra offers per month only for Close Founding Family Members
A nice interest rate of 4% per year.
Priority for tastings and workshops
More participation in the range. (M.a.w: if you have a special request, it will be placed directly at the top of the to do list)
Loans run from 500 to 10,000 euros. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you also receive a reward such as merchandise, lunches, gift bags, etc.

So you help a beautiful vegan company and it is also a good investment!
Participate now and choose your reward!

Hope to see you soon in the physical store
Natascha - Vmarkt

PS Feel free to email me for questions, ideas or suggestions:
Do you want a copy of the business plan? Then also mail to this address.

Want to know more?
You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and  Instagram

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